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Jazz is a 15mm MFC thick lipped slab style door. Suitable to be built on four carcase types, in a choice of six finishes and eight handle options, versatility is the key to these kitchens.

  • Available in White, Natural Oak, Apple, Pear, Walnut and Latte
  • Carcase options: HP2 (15mm & 18mm),HP2 IMR (except Jazz Latte), Adjusta, and HP1 (15mm)
  • Handle Options: E67, E78, F75, F76, F79, F89, F96, F97

  • Moores Kitchens and Bathrooms Ranges - The Jazz Range
    Phantom Black Phantom Black

    Click an item to zoom
    E67 E67
    E78 E78
    F75 F75
    F76 F76
    F79 F79
    F89 F89
    F96 F96
    F97 F97

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    Jazz Apple Jazz Apple
    Jazz Pear Jazz Pear
    Jazz Natural Oak Jazz Natural Oak
    Jazz Walnut Jazz Walnut
    Jazz White Jazz White
    Jazz Latte Jazz Latte
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