M1 and M3 Cabinet specification

Cabinet specification

Our M1 and M3 kitchens are each constructed to the same high standard: the only difference between the two is the thickness. M1 cabinets are made from coreboard 15mm thick, while the M9 cabinets are made from coreboard 18mm thick: each product meets the rigorous demands of BS EN 312 Type P2. The M1 range also offers an IMR (Improved Moisture Resistance) carcase, where all white base units, panels and plinths are constructed using coreboard that meets BS EN 312: Type P3.

In addition, both ranges are manufactured in the UK, meet BS 6222: Part 2: 2009 Level H and hold the prestigious FIRA Gold Award, a testament to our products’ structural integrity and performance

Please note the Reaction range is only available with M1 cabinets.

A: Clip on Hinges

  • Clip on hinges are fitted to all kitchens with this carcase type
  • Upgrade available to 180° hinge
  • All corner units fitted with 90° hinges
  • All hinges are metal sprung and adjust in three directions


B: Shelving

  • Adjustable shelving height
  • Double base and wall unit shelves are supported in 6 positions to help prevent deflection under heavy loads
  • Melamine lipping on all edges


C: Brackets

  • Hanging brackets are an optional feature on wall units.

D: HDF Back Panel

  • HDF panel integral to M1 & M3 unit construction creating extra rigidity
  • Nailed to the back of the unit
  • Voids are as follows: Base units = 65.5mm, Wall units = 16.5mm, Tall units (500 deep) = 10.5mm, Tall units (600 deep) = 65.5mm


E: Door and Drawer Fronts

  • Easily detached and replaced
  • Locks can fitted to all doors 600mm wide or smaller for storage of hazardous substance
  • Soft close option available as upgrade

F: Muntins and Front Rails

  • Muntins manufactured from foil wrapped MDF (width 30mm, depth 60mm)
  • Muntins on wall units manufactured from MFC or MDF (width 55mm, depth 22mm)
  • Front rails on base units melamine lipped in same colour as carcase ends


G: Base Unit Legs

  • All base and tall units supplied with adjustable legs
  • 4 legs for single base units
  • 5 legs for double units
  • 170mm maximum leg height
  • 135mm minimum leg height



  • Plinths are removable for access to adjustable feet, pipework, panel locating brackets, cleaning and maintenance
  • Plinths are continuous in 2700mm lengths

H: Metabox Drawer

  • Unique design featuring white epoxy-coated metal sides and steel back to significantly improve strength and longevity
  • Fully lipped MFC drawer base eliminates potential water ingress
  • Metal runners with double nylon rollers
  • Soft close option is available as an upgrade


I: M1 & M3 Carcase

  • Manufactured from high density, fine surface 15mm or 18mm coreboard to BS EN 312 TYPE P2
  • Hardwearing 80g/mÇ melamine finish as standard
  • All exposed edges melmine lipped to prevent cracking and water penetration

Cabinet & Handle selector

* Wall cabinet carcases are available as an option.

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