Fulford School Visit Moores

It’s important to see how businesses across the UK impact students and young people who will be their future in the coming years.

Moores are involved in numerous initiatives, which are helping students determine a career path and showing them the different routes into the different aspects of business.

Eleven students from Fulford High School in York are the latest to be given the chance to see how a furniture manufacturer operates and what the production techniques used are, as well as learning about various apprenticeships and training opportunities offered at Moores.

The year 12 students studying Business at Fulford were split into two groups and shown the production & operations involved in creating kitchen furniture from start to finish. Lesley Newton, Business & Economics Teacher at Fulford said, “It’s great for our students to see the production activities of a manufacturer in real terms as it translates theory into practice. Visiting a company such as Moores Furniture Group allows them to see what career options are available while learning about a real-life working environment, which is invaluable to the business course they are studying. We look forward to working with Moores again in the future.”

To find out more about Moores kitchen and bathroom furniture or enquire about getting involved in similar activities visit the contact us page on the website.

Moores Making Spaces Special.

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