Moores Helps to Inspire Young People’s Futures

Moores Furniture Group has returned from taking part in an Inspiring Futures Event at Leeds Civic Hall.

The event helped young people, also known as NEETS (Not in Employment, Education or Training), some of whom have just left a care programme and have had no parental guidance, build their confidence and self esteem by talking to prospective employers.

“It’s personally very rewarding knowing that you have a hand in changing a young person’s future and their opportunities”, said Steve Adcock, Public Sector Sales Director for Moores.

Event organiser Jackie Haines expressed her delight at Moores’ attendance at the event and said, “Moores are making a really good contribution to the NEET Youth Contract.  It’s about young people talking to employers and learning some general tips and information on what employers are looking for.” Jackie went on to say, “They can building their confidence as individuals. Some of the attendees have good qualifications but low self esteem so talking to the companies that have attended helps them focus on job interview techniques, which will help them to find employment.”

Moores ran a cabinet building exercise encouraging people to follow instructions to build the unit.  Most found the exercise easy but importantly it was a good ice breaker to get them talking confidently.  Masoud, a recent care leaver said, “I really enjoyed the unit building, it was fun.  I’m looking to find a job, maybe in manufacturing, so I can make a future for myself.”

After assembling the unit, Nathaniel said, “I’m at college two days a week; I’m looking for something new and through the event I’m hoping to get a job.  I think fitting kitchens would be really good.”

Moores wish all the best to the attendees at the event, with their future career progression and successful employment.

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