Space Age Spray Shop

As part of the Horizon manufacturing process, Moores
has invested in a state of the art spray facility and
automatic polishing line specifically for high gloss kitchen

The recently commissioned spray shop
installation at Moores will create four additional spraying
stations equating to 1500 more high gloss panels every week.

A gas catalytic drying system combines with the large spray
shop to cure the solvent in a record time of just 2 hours compared
to the 10-12 hours it took before.

Other unique improvements are:

-Automatic polishing line
-Vacuum table to secure differently-sized panels
-Automatic storage and spraying of the polishing compounds
-New machinery can accommodate even the largest of panels

-Unique loading and securing system to ensure a perfect finish
-Loading system also prevents damaged panels

The whole facility has given Moores the extra capacity to meet
customers’ demands along with a two-day reduction in the
manufacturing lead time. The Polishing machine has also given
a quality improvement through better consistency and a
significant capacity increase.

Manufacturing our own doors allows Moores to control cost,
quality and supply chain, increasing efficiency.  It also give Moores
the ability to innovate and market test new products, adapt and
react to market trends and fashions and give continuity of
supply to our customers.

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