Being Interactive! Moores go to the Leeds Interactive Workplace Event

Moores Furniture Group has taken part in the most recent Interactive Workplace Event at Allerton High School in Leeds.

The event helped 16-17 year old A-level students to broaden their horizons and thoughts on the working world by talking to prospective employers.

Event organiser Jackie Haines expressed her happiness at Moores’ attendance at the event and said, “Its a fantastic day, we’re getting young people engaged and helping them to really understand the skills needed for their next steps into employment.”

Moores had an interactive stand where students were encouraged to build a cabinet, following instructions to construct the unit. The exercise was a great icebreaker, helping to relax the students, getting them to work together, communicate and importantly to have fun. One of the students exclaimed excitedly afterwards, “We made that, I’m proud!”

Moores New Business Manager, Sam Mandle said, “I’m passionate about the business I work for and love to explain to the kids that a manufacturing business gives career opportunities far wider than just manufacturing.  The greatest pleasure is seeing their sense of achievement when they have made up a kitchen unit.”

The students are undertaking a wide variety of subjects and most wish to continue on to University with equally wide ranging topics such as Business Economics, Law, Architecture, Applied Sciences and Politics to name a few. “We need to sow the seeds and give the students the information they need to understand what their skills and expertise can be used for once they have left education,” said Jackie.

One of the questions asked by many students was; “What qualifications do you need to work at Moores?” The answer is that Moores has so many varied roles within the business requiring different skills, with the opportunity to continue to educate yourself being a very strong possibility.  Moores gives certified NVQ training in several departments as well as Apprenticeship schemes, CPD training, Driver training and Safety training as just a small list of the education we provide.

Moores wish all the best to the students at the event with their future education, career progression and successful employment.

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