Moores is back to business – and health and safety is the number one priority

Leading kitchen manufacturer Moores this week reopened the doors at its Wetherby HQ following detailed planning to ensure the wellbeing and safety of its employees, suppliers and customers meets the highest standards in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having spent several weeks intensively planning its return in consultation with health and safety specialists, industry colleagues and government advice, Moores is delighted to announce that it has this week turned the factory lines back on.  Close collaboration with customers and suppliers ensure that they can provide their partners with the high standards they have come to expect from the Moores products and service.

Moores has made several changes to its normal working environment that are outlined in a full guidance and information pack given to every employee on their return to work along with personal protective equipment (PPE). PPE also remains available through the site. There has been clear demarcation of internal and external walkways and work areas in addition to access control of entryways at the HQ, with separate access points allocated to different groups of workers around the site. Each employee will be allocated a personal area to take their breaks and a restricted access system has also been put in place for the use of washrooms to maintain social distancing.

“Research has shown us that more than 90% of pre-COVID house deals are still going through. What’s more, feedback from our communication with key partners and housebuilders is that they are primed and ready for kitchens to be installed. I want to thank the hardworking team at Moores that has worked tirelessly to ensure we can safely get back to business.  While we are excited to get back to work designing, delivering and installing kitchens of the highest standard, our people must always come first,” said Steve Parkin, CEO Moores. “In addition to the measures that we are taking to follow government guidelines we have also created COVID-19 communication stations around the site where our teams can stay informed of all protocols. By providing our team with the necessary tools to keep themselves and others safe, we can get back to doing what we do best.”

A company-wide daily physical and mental wellbeing check is also now in place to protect staff. The health check will involve a mandatory reporting of any symptoms in addition to providing an open line of communication regarding employee morale and mental wellbeing. “At Moores we really are a family and the wellbeing of our employees that have this week returned to work, and for those not yet able to, is extremely important to us. The systems that we have put in place pertaining to the mental and physical health of Moores employees during this time will act as a framework for how Moores will continue to manage employee health moving forward,” says Hayley Hodge, Head of HR at Moores. “Our aim is for every member of our team to stay safe and be assured that support will be offered to anyone who needs it, both as we all navigate this new way of living and once we have made it out the other side.”