National Tree Week 2020

This year, National Tree Week runs from the 28th November – 6th December & is the UK’s largest annual tree celebration, marking the start of the winter tree planting season.
At Moores we are passionate about sustainable manufacturing and we like to play our part in protecting the environment we live in. In 2019 we returned 5,717 pallets to our suppliers to be re-used and bought in 13,340 refurbished pallets for our own use, saving the equivalent of 1,880 trees from being harvested to produce brand new pallets.
In the same year, by sourcing MFC, MDF and Worktops from responsible manufacturers, who use recycled wood based products in the manufacture of raw board, we also saved the equivalent of 3,142 trees from being harvested to produce our kitchens.
The total number of trees that we saved in 2019 were 5,022, which equates to a forest covering 3 Hectares of land.