Michel Roux Jr’s Top Tips for this Festive Season

Michel Roux Jr’s top 6 tips for this festive season…

Although Christmas may be a little different this year, Michel Roux Jr has shared some preparation help & alternative dish ideas to help you enjoy the festivities!

“1. Get organised…Make the menu plan in advance and stick to it. Put all the ingredients you need for the day in one place so it’s so hand.
2. Turkey crown or stuffed leg from the butcher is much better than a large bird that’s cooked for hours and invariably dry. We will all be a lot less around the table so makes sense to go for something smaller.
3. I love stuffing but love it more when spiced up with some Nduja. For a touch of sweetness add some diced up dried apricots.
4. Try shredding sprouts and then stir frying them with a little spicy chorizo, it really livens them up!
5. If for some reason you don’t like Christmas pudding, try make a bread and butter pudding using panettone, drizzle with a little rum or brandy – when cooked, its glorious!
6. Stick to no more than 3 cheeses but make sure they are the best you can get. Always serve at room temperature for maximum flavour and pleasure.”

Merry Christmas!