Here at Moores, we’re committed to minimising our impact on the environment. With thoughtful product design and robust waste management policies, you can rest assured you’re getting a fantastic product in every sense of the word.

Considerate Product Development and Design

Right from the beginning, we work to create an environmentally friendly product, responsibly sourcing all raw materials and components. We’ve developed a number of features to extend the life of your kitchens, meaning you won’t need to replace them as quickly. And best of all, our products are all made right here in the UK, cutting down on transport costs and reducing our carbon footprint.

Great Credentials

We’re incredibly proud of our various green credentials, which act as an independent assurance we’re staying on target. For a start, we’re members of Club Green, who annually audit us to see if we’re meeting our environmental targets. We’re a member of the Furniture Industrial Sustainability Programme, which plays a major part in reducing the consumption of natural resources. We’ve also worked to reduce our energy and water consumption, reduce waste to landfill, and even achieved no production waste going to landfill at all… several years ahead of our strategy target as well.

Comprehensive Waste Management

Our manufacturing process is specially designed to reduce waste as much as possible: our Malamine Faced Chipboard actually includes recycled chipboard from our own factory! We also have recycling schemes for everything from paper to ink cartridges, and we use waste materials for heating and power generation, both on and offsite. Finally, we’re a member of the Wastepack Compliance Scheme, which monitors waste in packaging and electronics: all these come together to create a business that’s all about kindness to the environment.